The Light of The Life   2 comments


Ces deux vidéos, je las ai choisies pour qu’elles s’inscrivent dans le Thème du Billet de Christine :


« Life is transparent, warm and swirls randomly like a soft light. And it  constantly changes…
Life illuminates itself and then it begins to illuminates a new life.
A sprouted mass of innumerable lights become a flow before long, and then become the part of the life-throb of ages.
That ties life, this moment now.

The Light of Life from daihei shibata on Vimeo. (Le ventre d’une Femme)


De l’importance du choix de la musique d’un film!!!!  A regarder jusqu’au bout, SAISISSANT (et très beau)

« Every couple has two stories: the one they tell their children… and the real one.

Featuring Irene Anula and Iñaki Ardanaz, the short film was written
and directed by Álex Montoya and has earned thirty something awards, including a
honorable mention @Sundance 2010.

How I met your Father (‘Cómo conocí a tu padre’) from Álex Montoya on a href= » »>Vimeo.

Generally, shooting vertically, also know as portrait mode, will accentuate vertical elements more,

such as trees, a standing person, or other tall objects. It’s a different take on the usual mode of shooting horizontally,

aka landscape, but it’s definitely something you should explore as a videographer.

 You might be surprised at how a simple framing rotation can completely change the feel of your videos

40’s Style Vertical Video Booth from Joshua Brown on Vimeo.


A collaboration between myself and Jon Moe.

Beauty Reel from Joshua Brown on Vimeo.

Realtime sound visualisation made with custom software « Partitura »
Sound by Telefon Tel Aviv

an ongoing collaboration between Abstract Birds and Quayola

Partitura is a custom software to generate realtime graphics aimed at visualising sound. The term “Partitura” (score) implies a connection with music, and this metaphor is the main focus of the project. Partitura aims to create a new system for translating sound into visual forms. Inspired by the studies of artists such as Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Oscar Fischinger and Norman McLaren, the images generated by Partitura are based on a precise and coherent system of relationships between various types of geometries. The main characteristic of this system is its horizontal linear structure, like that of a musical score. It is along this linear environment that the different classes of abstract elements are created and evolve over time according to the sound. Partitura creates endless ever-evolving abstract landscapes that can respond to musical structures, audio analysis and manual gestural inputs. It is an instrument that visualises sound with both the freedom of spontaneous personal interpretation/improvisation and at the same time maintaining the automations and triggers of mathematical precision.

Partitura defines a coherent language of its own for the creation of new contemporary abstractions. It is within this system that Partitura creates worlds that expand from a single dot to multiple galaxies, from minimalism to complexity, from rigid to elastic, from solid to liquid, from angular to smoothness, from tentative to boldness, from calm to agitation, from slow to fast, from desaturated to saturation, from dark to lightness, from predictable to unpredictability. Literally ‘everything’ and its opposite… just like a musical flow.

Je vous conseille de passer en grand écran…la fin est sublime !!

Partitura 001 from Quayola on Vimeo.

Publié 7 mai 2011 par micdec dans Arts Visuels

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  1. Michel…tu as un un gout certain pour trouver des vidéos magnifiques !
    et super que ton blog soit privé..
    tu peux tjs virer les importuns.norbert

    • Merci de tes compliments, c’est sympa…mais au sujet de mes blogs et de mémoire, aucun n’est en privé (sauf NetLog !!).
      Cependant, je soumet les com a mon contrôle…pour éviter qu’une Lolita de poulailler ne vienne mettre un « caca » dans mon livre d’or MDR

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